What You Need to Know!

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Health And Safety

Yes! We wipe down the headsets and controllers after every group plays.

Our age limit is 7+ years of age. We have gone as low as 6 years of age if the child shows enough cognative ability and is tall enough. If the child is too small however to wear the headset appropriately, we will advise against gameplay even if they are of age due to potential eyestrain.

Because of the natural locomotion used in our freeroam arena, it’s very rare that anyone gets motion sickness. Due to the natural movememt, your inner ear does not get triggered in the same way roomscale VR can do it such as rollercoaster games or games where there is a lot of movement in-game but not in real-life.

Parties and Events

Due to not having a licensed kitchen, we do allow food to be brought in. We do have concessions that can be sold to the party if they would like additional drinks or snacks. We have designated areas for food and drink and can not be carried throughout the facility.

Usually for birthday parties, they are pre-booked for number of VR players and time assigned for gameplay. Additional players can be added at a discounted rate based on the time alloted for game play.

We currently have two 6 meter by 9 meter arenas. This allows us to put up to 6 players in each arena. Each arena however is separate from the other so the gameplay is independent from one another.

If a booking is late for their designated time, as long as it is within the booking time alloted for VR and arcade play, the arcade time is reduced. If the VR time runs into time alloted for another booking however, the late party will lose their time for VR if it will run over their party’s stopping point.

Full payment of all applicable fees is required by the User in advance of use of the Services. A full refund will be issued for all reservations cancelled at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of a scheduled booking. Users who cancel their reservation between forty-eight (48) hours and twenty-four (24) hours in advance of a scheduled booking will be entitled to a refund less a cancellation fee of 50%. Users who cancel their reservation less than twenty-four (24) hours in advance of a scheduled booking will forfeit all fees paid and shall not be entitled to a refund.

Facility Questions

We have soda for $2.00 a bottle and water for a $1.00. Bags of chips are $1.00 and candy for $2.50

We do accept walk-ins but bookings take priority. To ensure your time slot, bookings are recommended

The arcade is free if you have slotted at least a half hour of VR or booked a party. The arcade is inclusive for all parties and will take priority over walk-ins.

Co-location is being able to see other players in-game that are within the same proximity as you. For example, two players that are in the same room with headsets normally can not see each other by their approximate real-world location to each other. With co-location, everyones distance from each other in-game is also the same in the real world.

Freeroam VR is exactly how it sounds. It is the act of physically moving around in a game uninhibited by gear or wires. As though you are actually in the space of the game. This is also refered to as arena-scale VR. Locomotion is done naturally without using a joystick or controller for movement.

In freeroam VR, you use natural movement for locomotion. Meaning, when you want to walk in game, you actually physically walk from one point to another. With room-scale, due to utilizing a smaller space, movement is done with a controller. To move from one point to another, you use the controller’s joystick or buttons to move your game character.


Category: BoardGaming

You can bring your own games but you must be responsible for packing it and putting it away once it’s done. NextReality is not responsible for any damage or peices missing.

Category: BoardGaming

These types of games are considered classic games and are allowed. As well as games like pictionary, poker, euchre, checkers, boggle, scrabble and many others

Category: BoardGaming

Open game night means any type of board game can be played. Tabletop, classic board games, card games and dice games are options.

Category: BoardGaming

Open boardgaming is open to anyone. But depending on the game being played, some games might be too complex for younger players.